SPITFIRE Formula Four Classic Wheels: 51mm / 101A

SPITFIRE Formula Four Classic Wheels: 51mm / 101A


  • $ 39.00

Set of Four Wheels

Spitfire Formula Four Classic Wheels are the newest wheel by Spitfire. Spitfire Formula Four Urethane was developed to combine all the desired properties of a performance wheel without sacrificing any one attribute at the expense of another. Formula Four's true lasting Performance Urethane comes not from a single benefit, but from a combination of qualities and features that together produce a truly great wheel Formula Four Performance Urethane is unlike any other.

Formulated for a harder, faster ride
Flatspot resistance
Smooth anti-stick slide
More speed and control
100% true performance urethane
Holds shape longer

Formula Four Urethane is made using a 100% pure urethane compound. Formula Four's exclusive combination of High Rebound and Hard Duro produces a faster wheel everywhere. Higher rebound for faster speeds over rough and smooth surfaces. Hard Duro for a harder, faster ride that won't mush out over time. Formula Four's exclusive anti-stick slide gives a fast/consistent, smooth slide all the way through. Slide with confidence start to finish knowing your wheels won't skip or catch mid-slide.

Diameter: 51mm
Durometer: 101A
Width: 31mm
Riding Surface: 15mm
Shape: Classic
Color: White