POWELL PERALTA "Hands" Deck: 8.0"

Powell Peralta

  • $ 24.99
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Shape: 127
Concave: K12
Length: 32.125"
Width: 8.0"
Wheelbase: 14.375"
Nose: 6.875"
Tail: 6.625"
Construction: LIGAMENT™

All Powell-Peralta LIGAMENT™ decks have one wide, robust polymeric reinforcing strap hidden in the plys that is strong and flexible, like the ligaments that connect your muscles to your bones. Even when you break the board, the ligament strap will hold your deck together, allowing you to ride out of it, instead of doing the groin-tearing splits. LIGAMENT™ decks weigh the same as a 7-ply maple deck, but have more pop, stay stiff longer than ordinary boards, and prevent the deck from ever breaking into two pieces because of the LIGAMENT™ in each one. See for yourself the advantages of greater confidence, more pop for higher ollies, and stiffer, longer-lasting flex for increased board life.