OJ "Dingle Berries" Wheels: 42mm / 100A

$ 29.99

1992 Re-Issue Skateboard Wheels. Never Forget the '90s!
Ingredients: Urethane, Sugar, Coffee, EMB, Salt, Bridge Bolts, Big Brother, Ravers, Poot, Forties, WU, Blunts, Nose Slide Nose Grinds, MSG, 420, Stoops, Syrup, Cod, Lard, Cokes, Red Curbs, 420, Purple, Banks, Ducttape, 411, 3 Chip, Goldfish, BPSW, Mouse, Union Square, Black Rock, One Foot, Tan Enigma, '93 Till Infinity, Late Shoves, Speed Wheels, Troops of Tomorrow, Folic Acid, VHS, Hi-8.

Diameter: 42mm
Width: 24.8mm
Riding Surface: 12.5mm
Durometer: 100A

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