"Lenz 2" DVD: A Shinpei Ueno Production

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Tightbooth Production "Lenz 2"DVD: A Shinpei Ueno Production

LENZ 2 is the latest DVD by Osaka’s most notorious skateboarding video production company TIGHTBOOTH PRODUCTION. The DVD is 90 minutes long & features scenes from all over Japan and showcase incredible talents of the underground like Magenta pro Quick Feet Master KOICHIRO UEHARA. With a mixture of montages, full video parts and even hilarious interviews, this video must've been an incredible undertaking to accomplish and it's definitely one of the best projects of 2013. LENZ 2 features a French section with footage of Paris and Bordeaux with soundtrack by Mathias Elichabehere.

LENZ 2 features a wide range of styles from pure street skating to gnarly pool shredding and even some roof drop-ins or two. But ultimately, the project offers a beautifully compiled view into the most unique and original skate scenes in the world. You will not regret buying this video.

The DVD contains a booklet with insights on the filming & several bonus edits