Independent 109 T-Hanger Trucks


  • $ 50.00

Set of 2 Trucks

They're finally here! 6.9 inch axle and perfect for your minis, cruisers, freestylers etc.
The all new Indy 109 T-Hanger trucks have a retro-inspired design based on the Stage 1 Independent trucks from 1978. 109's feature newly reworked geometry offering superior turning and stability. Recommended for boards 6.25" - 7.6" depending on width and style of wheels. Recommended wheel size without risers is 56mm and under.

New Stage 11s feature improved performance features like:
-Improved turning: turn into and out of things easier
-Improved stability on landings and at high speeds
-Less wheels bite
-Better overall grind clearance
-Improved “No Hang-up” yoke
-Longer lasting
-Stronger on impact

Axle Width: 6.9 in
Hanger: 109 mm
Height: 55 mm
Weight: 315 gms